Accelerated Career Excellence Program (ACE@Rotary)



Accelerated Career Excellence Program (ACE) is one of the initiatives of Rotary Club of Penang, in collaboration with the Universiti Sains Malaysia, to nurture the undergraduates who are graduating soon.

ACE intends to aid the final year graduates to look for a suitable career based on their personality and passion. It is specially tailored to allow a graduate to tune themselves from an educational mindset to those of a career mindset. It is also a training program designed to equip the inexperience graduates to meet and excel the demand of any challenging career. It is conducted by professionals with recruitment experience in a method that is both hands-on and experiential. It will give the fresh graduate an insider's view and experience of the corporate life.  

ACE prepares you for your life long career journey.


  1. 1. Improve the living standards of medium to low income group in Penang through proper career planning
  2. 2. Coach and mentor graduates in career mindset and culture with the goal of nurturing career readiness and competitive edge in order to settle progress and accelerate in a selected compatible career
  3. 3. To increase the standards of work force in Penang by developing foundational career competencies to accelerate corporate integration, progression and enrichment.
  4. 4. Develop a sustainable program by nurturing future alumni with passion to share and willingness to contribute back to their alma mater.


  1. 1. This is a unique program not available in the market. It is specially tailored to allow a graduate to orient themselves from an educational mindset, conditioned for over 20 years, to those of a career mindset.
  2. 2. The entire value of this program is based on professional recruitment experience as well as experiential human resource development.


- Confidence derived from personal knowledge and strategies to enhance personal strengths and contain personal limitations.

- Assurance and techniques in choosing a compatible career, and knowledge in identifying and seeking these job opportunities in the vast job landscape.

- First-start advantages over others in landing a choice career.

- Opportunity to showcase personal potential and capabilities, instead of inexperience, and at the same time allow the Corporations to evaluate clearly and objectively the employee for future career appointment.

- Intensive and extensive competencies relevant across to career families.

- Understand career pathing and prospects in the various specialized financial entities and subsequently able to make wise and informed career decision.

- Obtain valuable certificates of competencies that will enhance their resume and their future career prospects.

Learning Modules

  1. 1.  Knowing Yourself
  2. 2.  Knowing Your Dream Career
  3. 3.  Matching Degree, Career and Personal Profile
  4. 4.  Things to Look for in a Job or Company
  5. 5.  Crafting the Resume & Cover Letter
  6. 6.  Sniffing for Jobs
  7. 7.  Being Interview Savvy
  8. 8.  Substituting Education Mindset with Career Mindset
  9. 9.  Acquiring the Right Career Mindset
  10. 10. Building Your Career, Growing Your Finance

*The training schedule may be modified, upon discussion with Trainer, to cater to specific request or needs to the university.

Training and Duration

Training Dates: 2 Oct 2018 to 8 Dec 2018 (10 sessions)

Time: 8-11pm (3 hours per session)

(i) 8 Tuesday sessions

(ii) 2 Saturday sessions

Candidate Requirement

(i) Students who are going for internship/final year/fresh grads in the academic year.

(ii) Participants must go through an interview process before being selected.

(iii) Certificates of participation will be granted as long as attendance is higher than 75%.


Registration Fee: RM50

Registration begins now till 20 Sep 2018.

Please register at the following link:


If you have any questions or would like to understand more about ACE Program, you may come for the interview and speak to our committee members.

The interview dates are as follow:

24/09/2018 (Mon) 6-9pm

25/09/2018 (Tue) 6-9pm

(emails and whatsapp messages will be sent to confirm your interview slot and venue)

Training Fee

Category A: Fully Sponsored (Fully waived)

  • Fully sponsored by Rotary and USM
  • Total Household Income of parents must be below RM5,000
  • Students with special family conditions

Category B: Partially Sponsored (RM100)

  • Self-sponsored with a discounted rate
  • Pass the interview and selection process based on the criteria as stated.


This program is sponsored by Rotary Club of Georgetown and SK-iWealth Sdn Bhd in collaboration with the tertiary institution.

Contact Us

For more info please contact:

Ms Katrina                016-5519319

En. Kasyfi                 019-4400676

Ms Oo Huei Ying      016-4400707

Official email address:

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