Accelerated Career Excellence Program (ACE@Rotary)

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Rotary is a worldwide organization of business and professional leaders that provides humanitarian service, encourages high ethical standards in all vocations, and helps build goodwill and peace in the world. Approximately 1.2 million Rotarians belong to more than 31,000 Rotary clubs located in 167 countries. Rotary Club of Penang has always been supportive in educating the younger generations especially the underprivileged ones to have a better future.

Accelerated Career Excellent Program (ACE) is one of the initiatives of Rotary Club of Penang to nurture the undergraduates together with the effort of Universiti Sains Malaysia. ACE is a training program which is designed to equip the inexperience graduates to meet and excel the demand of any challenging career. ACE intends to aid the graduates to look for a suitable career based on their personality and continually excel in it by having interactive courses and interesting activities in the program.

This is a unique program not available in the market. It is specially tailored to allow a graduate to tune themselves form an educational mindset, conditioned for over 20 years, to those of a career mindset. The entire value of this program is based on professional recruitment experience as well as experiential human resource development.


  1. Improve the living standards of medium to low income group in Penang through proper career planning;
  2. Coach and mentor graduates in career mindset and culture with the goal of nurturing career readliness and competitive edge in order to settle, progress and accelerate in a selected compatible career;
  3. To increase the standards of work force in Penang by developing foundational career compentencies to accelerate corporate integration, progression and enrichment; and
  4. Develop a sustainable program by nurturing future alumni with passion to share and willingness to contribute back to their alma mater.

Training and Duration 

  1. 6 sessions of continuous training (4 hours per session)
  2. 4 session of outdoor experiential training 

For best career result it is best to proceed according to the sequence.

The Modules are as follow:
A.  Self Knowledge, Self Mastery

  • To be conducted in the first semester (Oct - Dec)
  • Subtopic:
       i.  Know Yourself, Empower Yourself
      ii.  Matching Degree, Dream Career and Personal Profile
     iii.  Think to Look for in a Job or Company
     iv.  Crafting the Resume & Cover Letter
      v.  Sniffing for Jobs
     vi.  Being Interview Savvy

 B.  Effective Learning Paradigm

  • To be conducted in the second semester (Mar - May)
  • Subtopic:
       i.  Acquiring the Right Learning Paradigm
      ii.  Removing Self Limiting Thoughts
     iii.  Recognizing and Unlearning the Education Mindset
     iv.  Acquiring the Effective Career Mindset
      v.  Acquiring Effective Learning Strategies
     vi.  Reviewing, Rehearsing and Mindmapping

    Students will be involved in management of the Outdoor Experiential Training (e.g. Social Work, Outdoor Activities, Team Building etc.) together with the trainers to enhance their leadership and management skills.

Candidate Requirement

  1. Students who are going for internship/final year/fresh grads in the academic year. 
  2. Participants must go through an interview process before being selected.
  3. Participants will be divided into 2 categories, Category A & Category B.

Category A (70%)

  • Fully sponsored by Rotary and USM
  • Total Household Income of parents must be below Rm 5,000
  • Students with special family conditions

Category B (30%)

  • Self-sponsored with a discounted rate
  • Pass the interview and selection process based on the criteria as stated.

Fees required:

  • Category A:   RM 50
  • Category B:   early bird - RM188.00 (inclusive of registration fees)
                               normal - RM200.00 (inclusive of registration fees) 

Benefits of Program

  1. Confidence derived from personal knowledge and strategies to enhance personal strengths and contain personal limitations.
  2. Assurance and techniques in choosing a compatible career and knowledge in identifying and seeking these job opportunities in the vast job landscape.
  3. First-start advantages over others in landing a chosen career.
  4. Opportunity to showcase personal potential and capabilities, instead of inexperienced, and at the same time allow the corporations to evaluate clearly and objectively the employee for future career appointment.
  5. Intensive andn extensive competencies relevant across to career families.
  6. Understand career pathing and prospects in the various specialized financial entities and subsequently able to make a wise and informed career decision.
  7. Obtain valuable certificates of competencies that will enhance their resume and their future career prospects.
  8. Committed with a strong drive to develop and excel professionally.

 Attendance Requirement

Only participants with more than 75% attendance will be able to receive the certification of ACE Program



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