1. Introduction

Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM), located in Penang, the ‘Pearl of the Orient’, is Malaysia’s second public university. Founded in 1969, the university strongly upholds to the motto, ‘We Lead’. This is well exemplified and showcased into every action and event organized under the umbrella of USM. Back in 2008, USM was awarded with the status as Malaysia’s pioneer APEX University, underlining further the strength and potential of the university academia, staff and students. In enhancing the accelerated program towards excellence (APEX), USM embarks on many frontiers other than its core area of providing tertiary education. Faculty development, research and innovation, efficient event management and intensive sports development are amongst the niche areas for USM.

Stepping into into a new phase of life for students is believed to be much more challenging to deal with compared to tertiary education. Besides offering formal education to students, USM extensively acts in aiding graduates to make successful transition from school to work. Therefore, Ekspo Kerjaya dan Pendidikan (EKSPEN) is designed to help our graduates in preparing and building a more realistic expectation to make the journey less stressful. EKSPEN also helps provides more options for graduates in searching for employment.

This career and education fair is strategically organized events that bring together organizations from various sectors including governmental, non-governmental and international organizations under one roof with highly professional job seekers. EKSPEN will offer employers with the opportunity to deal with their current as well as future staffing requirement by using modern recruiting methods. Best quality of candidates, face-to-face interaction with the public and good facilities are the benefits that is offered in this event.

2. Objectives

  1. A platform to assist and provide space for students to make appropriate career choices.
  2. Building a strong relationship between USM and industries in providing talents.
  3. Arena for graduates to learn more about specific industries, career and organization.
  4. Help students to improve self-confidence by taking a chance to talk to a company.
  5. Provide opportunities for students in recognizing the true potential career paths.
  6. Assist future graduates to assess their ability to meet market.

3. Activities

This networking fair will include the following activity platforms:

  • EKSPEN Career Talks: A forum where CEOs or professional company’s representatives will share their insight on the job industry and opportunities that is offered
  • EKSPEN Open Exhibition: A networking platforms between companies and the public to get more exposure about the company
  • Job Interviews (Walk-in Interviews Sessions): Where interview sessions for graduates is conducted and provides opportunity for them to get employed
  • Lucky Draw Session: Interesting gifts for lucky participants!


 Date              : 28th - 30th October 2017



5. Past Year Photos of EKSPEN Event








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